Thank you for visiting our webpage. We are Hollow Log Farms inc. located in central Wood Co. Ohio.  Our farm is diversfied in many ways. The main focus is "Big Trees on the Move".  This is a division of our farm.  Where our goal is to move, relocate, or bring big trees to your desired location.  The business was purchased from Warnke & Sons in Feburary of 2009.  They had move trees for over 20 years here in N/W Ohio  and S/W Mich. We have taken over where they left off.  Our fleet consists of two truck mounted tree spades a 65" and 90".  Also, a double pod trailer for the 65" to transport several trees at one time if needed. 

     We are not a tree nursery, we leave that to the nursery professionals.  Our goal is to be a tree locater for you or move trees you have already located. We work currently work with about 10 tree farms in the area but are not limited to them we go where needed to get trees for you.  When we find what you what we will meet with you at the nursery if needed to pick out specific trees for you. 

         65" spade capable of moving 6.5" dia. trees

Our 90" capable of moving a 12" dia. tree trunk









 Norways spruces headed for Ind. 

      The 1st. picture is of our 90" truck and spade, it is capable of moving a trees and evergreens with a 12" trunk dia. and upwards heights of 30' depending on speices.  Picture no. 2 is of our 65" truck and spade it is able to move trees and evergreens with trunk dia. up to 6.5" and heights of 20' +.    Last is the double trailer hooked up to transport multiple trees at one time. 

       Please surf around our website to veiw the various services we can provide.  Always feel free to call or email us.   419-865-5926 or   Under the experience if you click on trees for sale these are pictures of trees at private resident which need moved and are forsale

       **  One other consideration when planning a project is to remember things that are buried underground.  It is always best to call OUPS.  Call before you dig @  1-800-362-2764 or visit their website to place a ticket to have your property marked, its the law.  This will assist us when we come out to look at your project and will also expedite us in getting it scheduled.