Let’s Move Your Trees! – We Are Hollow Log Farms inc.

Located in central Wood Co. Ohio, our farm is diversified in many ways. Our main focus is “Big Trees on the Move”. Our goal for this division of our farm is to move, relocate, transplant, or transport big trees to your desired location. We purchased the business from Warnke & Sons in February of 2009. They moved trees for over 20 years here in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, and we have taken over where they left off. Our fleet consists of a 36″ Skid Steer mounted spade and two truck mounted tree spades, a 65″ and 90″.  We also have a double pod trailer for the 65″ spade, in order to transport several trees at one time if needed.

We are not a tree nursery, we leave that to the nursery professionals. Our goal is to locate trees for you or move trees you already have placed. We currently work with about 10 tree farms in the area but are not limited to just these companies. We go where needed to get trees for you. When we find what you want, we will meet with you at the nursery, if needed, to pick out specific trees just for you.

Watch Us Relocate A Big Tree In Northwest Ohio

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