Deep Root Fertilizing

Info on Deep Root Fertilization

Now that you have that tree planted its time to get it off to a great start.  We offer the injection of a root stimuliant product called mycorizzahl fungi. This is found naturally in nature but gets destroyed in the moving of soils and exposure to sun light.  We can reintroduce this by injecting a slurry of endo and ecto mycorizzahl which works on the inner and outer part of the roots.  The fungi actually  attaches to the roots and feeds off them then in return it works to benefit the root by breaking down the nutreints in the soil to make them availiable to the plant.  The fungi is more important than fertilizer in the begining but, we do add some fertilizer in the solid form further away from the hole so it is broken down when the roots get there.

Cost for this service, is figured by the caliper of the tree or trees to be injected and the amount of trees to be fertilized.