Completed Jobs

A series of photos from completed jobs

Tri Colored Beech,Whitehouse, OhioWhite birch , Whitehouse,OhioServiceberry,Whitehouse, OhioSide yard Groupings of Norways and Colo. BluesColo. blues Mitchaw construction in before lawn planting,Sylvania Just finishing Fall Deep root fertilzerBackyard Screen to sub division3 norways as corner screenveiw from back looking to frontnorway spruce screen McCord Rd. SylvaniaCorner ScreenMix of Relocate leaf trees and evergreensStaggered Norway sprucesNorway sprucesassorted sizes Norway spruceTiffaney Village,Springfeild twp.20' Autumn Blaze maple Carrinton Woods, Perrysburg16' Colo. Blue Spruces26'  London Plane, Ottawa Lake MichCrimson king Maples3 Maples Maumee Western Rd.3- 4" Maples move 6/16/10