Additional products

     Here at Hollow Log we have other products we produce and market:  

1. Orangic Fertilizer:  We are a producer of Wiggle Worm Soil Builder,  this product is a pure earthworm casting.  It is a micro nutrient rich fertilzer which is readily avaiable to plants.  Excellent results are seen with the quick nutrient uptake and exponential growth of plants naturally.  This is a fertlizer and soil amendent not a potting soil.  It is the most natural non harmful and non burning product on the market.  Your best growing areas are where the worms are.

     Product available at  Klotz Floral & Garden Center B.G,  Wolfs Blooms & Berries B.G. and  Hoens Greenhouse in Holland.

2. Pheasant Products:  Before "Big Trees" we were in the business of raising Ringnecked Pheasants and Chukar Partridge. One of the products of that business was Smoked and Oven ready Pheasants.  We have continued carrying that product which we Smoke ourselves. When finished it is a fully cooked product ready to slice and eat. Great for Holiday Parties We also keep on hand the Oven ready pheasant wish can be prepared by you.  Pheasant Pot pies with a touch of wild rice are also available for purchase. 


Smoked 2.75# to 3#  are $20.00ea.

Oven ready  3.5# to 4 are $17.00ea

Pot pies   7"- 30oz. $12.50

Call for Wholesale pricing 20 or more

  3. Baled Straw and Alfalfa Hay:   We have baled product available for bedding and feed.

4.  Minature Decorative Straw Bales:   These are a 9"x12"x20" bale used mainly for fall Decor. 

Current Retailers in the Fall are The Andersons, Brinkmans in Findlay, Hoens Greehouse Holland. 

Retailers needed for Miniature Decorative Straw bales